Goodmorning CHAYKES,

I know we have not chatted in a while. Unfortunately, I am a rat in the rat race we call school. I am currently feeling like a sewer rat with all of these godforsaken assignments and finals. Anyways, I digress... Last month we had our first ever pop up shop with the amazing IG @yardsaleatl. I am very grateful to them for letting CHAYKE be a part of such a wonderful and cool event. The turn out was phenomenal and I hope to meet even more of you in the future. Follow us on IG @shopchayke for future popup shops and subscribe to our mailing list (bottom of the home page ) for exclusive promotions. I want to also give a special thanks to my loved ones , friends + family for helping me along this journey. Starting a business is hard but it can be even harder without support.  So THANKYOU  to anyone who has ever supported CHAYKE wether that be by making a purchase, helping me setup, collaborations, modeling , kind words, or even unspoken + unseen support. I just want to say thankyou and I love you !



Chayla B.


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