Collection: CHAYKE X META FALL'23

CHAYKE X META is a groundbreaking collaboration that fuses the unique talents of Chayla B. and Edÿe, two visionary artists in the world of styling, curation, and creative direction. Together, they have embarked on a journey fueled by their shared love and exploration of style, with a particular emphasis on the themes of "kissies" and "cunt."

Edÿe brings her impeccable sourcing skills and fashion house knowledge to the project, meticulously co-selecting and arranging elements that resonate with their artistic vision. Her curation work, known as META, co-forms the foundation of the collaboration, setting the stage for Chayla B.'s creative direction and styling expertise.

Chayla B., on the other hand, is the driving force behind CHAYKE, infusing each project with her unique sense of style and a daring approach to fashion. Her love for bold expressions and individuality is evident in every shoot, as she strives to highlight and celebrate the diverse eras of expression that have shaped her aesthetic sensibilities.

The collaborative effort between CHAYKE X META revolves around a captivating blend of elements. From the striking impact of a bold red lip to the timeless appeal of denim, patterns, lace, and textured pieces, each component is carefully chosen to capture the essence of their vision. Notably, the collaboration embraces the concept of "cunt" as a symbol of empowerment and self-expression, embracing the beauty and strength of femininity in all its forms.

CHAYKE X META aims to push the boundaries of style and challenge conventional norms. Their work is characterized by a fearless approach to fashion, unapologetically embracing the provocative, the unconventional, and the exquisite. Each collaboration is a powerful statement, blending artistry, style, and a celebration of self in a way that resonates deeply with both the artists and their audience


Photographer: Marques Moses

Jewelry: Humans Before Handles

Models (Left to Right): Amari, Akai Marje, Genesis Ismandra