Hey you, yes you ! You clicked this page for a reason so read below for more details.    

Thrifting ! Such a cool word with even cooler perks ! Thrifting can bring you style with great prices. Second hand shopping is the best way to sustainably shop and it allows us to help save the planet.

Do you lack the eye for thrifting ? Do you get overwhelmed and confused when you thrift? Do you want to shop more sustainably and save the planet ? Whatever your reason, I am here to help! I will personally thrift for you !

I consider myself a "professional thrifter". It is something I have been passionate about for the past 8 years. Roughly 85% of everything I own is thrifted, including home decor. Everything on the website are items that I have personally thrifted and styled. 


You will fill out a google form with your contact information and we will schedule a meeting to chat using FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo, etc. On this video call we will discuss your expectations + styling and sizing challenges + vision boards + review your current style + desired style + your budget + timeframe .


1. There's no markup for the items I source for you! You will pay what I paid at the thrift store or online thrift store ( I will send the link directly to you to purchase)  + my styling/sourcing fee of $25/hour or $15 for 30 minutes.

2.Most items I find will be around $3-$15 and the highest usually  being around $40 an item.

3.A full wardrobe (approximately 15-25 items) thrifting haul takes about 3 to 6 hours

4.Our conversation and your particular needs will determine the amount of time I spend on a thrifting haul.

5.If items are purchased at the thrift on your behalf, I will show you the haul via video call and you will choose what items you wish to keep.You are not responsible for haul costs if you do not want the items. However, the styling/sourcing hourly fee will still be effective. I am based in Atlanta,Georgia and I do ship domestically + internationally. You will be responsible for shipping + handling fees. If you are local, we can meet face to face to discuss any of the above steps. :)

6.If you have any questions fill out the google form and I will contact you or you can contact me at

7. I am grateful that you will allow me to aid you in your journey to becoming a  SUSTAINABLE FASHION ICON! 


Chayla B.