So, these next few blogs posts will be about the events leading up to the grand RELAUNCH OF CHAYKE ON 9/28/2020! This one is entitled Ransome simply because that's my brother's name. I got to see him for a brief time in July as he was passing through ATL on his cross country journey fighting for justice. Never forget Black Lives Matter and we deserve so much more than the world has given us. It was nice seeing a loved ones face that I hadn't seen in a while. It's been roughly 2-3 years since we'd seen each other just because we've been life-ing it up in different cities but there was never any love lost ! I chose that photo bc I thought it captured true friendship .Unfortunately , I do not remember their names and im too lazy to text and ask but if yall comment and say yall really want to know then ill put in the work to get those answers for you. ANYWAYS tthis blogggggg is pretty lengthy so I'm about to clock out and move on to the next blog post .


my back hurts ! 



Chayla :) 

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