Hallo Chaykes, 

I am back after a little hiatus. I was in Germany for roughly 3 months. I will expound on my journey at a later date. It was such an extreme experience ... but for now lets talk about Berlin.

Before I came to Germany,  specifically Berlin, I romanticized Berlin in my head for over a year just from this one scene out of Unorthodox ( you can stream it on Netflix #notsponsered ). Esty, the main character grew up in a very orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg, New York. I won't spoil how or why Esty went to Berlin, but she did. Esty went to the club for the first time in Berlin and in this scene Catnapp performed her song Thunder.  As I watched Esty become more and more comfortable with who she was and the new life she was creating for herself , I also felt a sense of freedom. I'm not sure why I could relate to that particular scene so well but in that moment I realized that I loved Catnapp and how her music made me feel and I also wanted to experience the club scene in Berlin. Esty also taught me to never settle or conform no matter how hard the journey may be. I hope to have many new updates for you all regarding CHAYKE pop ups, a new collection + collab,  and possibly even growing my brand. Stay tuned ! 

I'm curious to know what city or country you all have romanticized in your head and why? 

Unfortunately, I did not get to see Catnapp or experience clubs while being in Berlin due to the Covid-19 Pandemic ....but at least I can say I've been to Berlin and took this pretty cool photo of a Vintage Benz. 

xoxo... Till we meet again Berlin 


Chayla B. 

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