Hola Chaykes, 

It is me again after another semi "long time no see"....but this will be my last time neglecting you all , I assure you of that. Sometimes in life you have to take breaks and regroup. Other times in life you may loose motivation and have to search to find it again. All of the above has recently applied to me. Luckily for me, I have continuously reconnected with my passion and love for CHAYKE. In this photo,  you see my right before the CHAYKE pop up at Silverlake Flea. Let me tell you this...the clientele in LA is sick ! In this situation, I mean sick in the best way possible. Truthfully, LA could be my future home ,,, temporarily of course. I'm not sure I see myself living anywhere long term just yet. I want to explore as much of the world as possible before settling, yaknow.

In other news CHAYKE will have some updates to the website soon! I will be hosting another photoshoot to showcase some new thrifted items that I believe you chaykes deserve to flaunt. I have also began sewing, which I love. I've made an obnoxious orange purse out of a sweater I thrifted. I've also made a dress out of an ugly skirt I thrifted. I hope to customize pieces soon and make them available for purchase. Follow on instagram @shopchayke for the most recent updates! :) 

Lastly, I made a tik tok account and youtube channel that shows a more personal but still exciting side of my life. Both accounts username is @milkchayke 

As always , I love you and will write again soon. xoxo


Chayla B.

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