Hola Chaykes!

It's been almost a year! :( Can you believe it? ... I don't want to. On the bright side, there is power + peace in acceptance.


The obvious, I love vintage cars and will soon own one! Look how well miss beamer and I compliment each other.

I have many updates for you all. The biggest one being where the hell I've been. Honestly, I've been right where I needed to be. I was in a stage of my life where I needed to regain my passion, figure out my desires, and learn more about myself. I believe that is a stage that I am constantly in, yet at times I am more immersed in the energy than other times.

My birthday is approaching, something I am looking forward to. Virgo season is already among us. As a full-blown Virgo, this time has been extraordinary for me in my journey of life. I am naturally analytical, others may say a nitpicky type of gal. I am a firm believer in knowing and aligning with your desires. While we bask in the season of Virgo, I challenge everyone to rid themselves of all they do not truly desire. Step into your best self and ultimately live your best life!

At times I feel obligated to discuss the progress of CHAYKE. However, reminding myself of the intentions of CHAYKE puts me at ease. CHAYKE is not only a vintage boutique, but a community rooted in love, transparency, and thoughts! ~ Comment section is always open!

I love to travel and learn more about others. I would greatly appreciate suggestions on places to visit and why. The why can be as elaborate or simple as you want.

I thought I would write more updates but I think the few I gave will suffice. As always stay lovely my dear Chaykes!

Chayla B.

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  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤 currently ridding myself of all undesirable things!!

    • Edye